Monday, September 1, 2008

What's a nice Catholic girl doing with all these Mormons?

If you looked at my blog list (which of course I realize no one is doing because my blog gets no traffic so it's not really a pertinent question) but if you did look at my blog list, it would only show one blog right now. But in reality I am following bunches of them. I can't open my Google reader without having an update from one of the many blogs that I follow. Sometimes my eyes get heavy late at night trying to catch up on all the blog reading I am"behind" on. But all the blogs I am following are eerily similar and they have become this mish mash that I can't really discriminate. Do I have a favorite? I'm not sure - they are all running together into one big Mormon mash-up.

I'm not sure how I became immersed in the world of witty Mormons. Wait - that's not true, I know how I got here - one click at a time. What I don't understand is how I didn't realise it was happening. I got here via blog lists and Google reader. When I am reading a blog that I like, I'll click on someone on their blog list or check out a few of the people who made comments. Invariably someone in the mix will amuse me and "click" onto my Google reader they go. And now Google reader has a feature where they have a page of recommended blogs for me. Click on a few of those and that's how I ended up with "Normal Mormon Husbands" on my blog list. He stands out in the Mormon crowd simply by gender; all the other bloggers are Mormon wives with lots of children. Now being Catholic I am certainly not poking fun at large families. One of the hallmarks of a good Catholic mom is children - lots and lots of children. I only have three so that barometer of faithfulness would seem to leave me coming up short.

So what is attracting me to the Mormons. Well, I gotta tell you - it's just good clean fun. It's this style of humor that is not too self depreciating, not unkind to others, just nice - nice little observations from their clean cut Mormon world. I kind of want to move to Utah. So despite being someone who is defined in great part by her Catholic identity, I am having fun with the Mormons and I think you should too. So I am going to figure out who's who and get them listed on my blog roll- right there next to the one funny Catholic I've found!

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