Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fixing to Prepare for Moving On

I was reading blogs the other day and clicked on a comment (like I sometimes do) and I discovered a great blog devoted to books. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the notes about some books that I have read and about many, many books that I have never read and don't think I have the attention span or IQ to read! A few years ago my mother gifted me with a reader's journal. In the journal I record the books I read and fill out a few questions. There's also a whole section at the top that requests such minutia as the number of pages in the book and the name of the publisher - I care about this? No, I do not care about this but I dutifully fill it in each and every time as if the journal will eventually be graded for completeness over content. This journal is the first I have ever kept track of what I have read and I found that I average reading a book every few weeks. This average is accomplished in binges where I read a book a day (over Christmas vacation) and over dry spells when I read nothing for two months (soccer season). So I decided to steal the blog idea - is it really stealing when you get this Google hit "Results 1 - 10 of about 216,000,000 for blogs about books. (0.15 seconds)"? I think not. So I will rephrase...inspired by that great blog, I decided that when I read a book and create my journal entry for my reader's journal, I'll also create a blog post. So I am getting ready to blog about "Moving On" but there's so much preparation - first this post and next another with some backstory about my previous relationship with the author - and probably by the time I actually get to the post about "Moving On" it will be like,so not worth it!

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