Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Should I stay or should I go? It's the question of the day here in my coastal town. Is Hanna going to hit us? Should we evacuate? What will happen if we stay? We are a house divided on the issue of evacuation. I almost always want to go - I was here through one hurricane and that was scary enough to last me a lifetime. Ex-Marine on the other hand, always wants to stay. He is some sort of survivalist at heart - who cares if a tree falls on the house, we have no electricity for days, there's no running water - he wants to stay. Usually followed with - "After all it's only a category 1" or 2, or 3 - not sure what he would say at 4 or 5 and it doesn't really matter because I wouldn't be here to hear it - I would have evacuated long ago!

I took a break from composing this post to take Bookworm to dance class and Tween to soccer and to buy the latest toy at Walgreens for The Youngest. In the time it took me to drive all over town twice, Hanna has shifted to the northwest enough that things are calming down here. So I guess we will escape once more. My prayers are with the folks down in Louisiana still struggling from the effects of Gustav.And for those now in the path of Hanna. And, I guess I might as well throw one up for whoever will be hit by Ike and Josephine while I am at it!

I guess we'll stay, stay, stay. (For now.)

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