Saturday, September 13, 2008

Things labrador puppies like to eat.

1. The vacuum cleaner cord.
2. Water bottles.
3. Paperback books.
4. Paper towel rolls.
5. Kleenexes (preferably used)
6. Pantyliners (ditto)
7. Scooper for the bird seed.
8. The chair I sit on at the computer.
9. The baseboards.
10. The crotch of worn underwear.
11. Lego's.
12. Stuffed animals.
13. Puppy Kong.
14. Shoes, shoes, and more shoes!
15. Shin guards - the sweatier the better.
16. Soccer socks, school socks, any kind of socks.
17. DVDs.
18. The CD I placed by my handbag for just five minutes as I prepared to go to the very important meeting where I needed to show the photo presentation stored on said CD.
19. Homework and notes from the teacher, really.
20. Bath mats.
21. Sticks.
22. Frogs.
23. Table legs.
24. Pens, pencils, markers.
25. Coins.
26. Bills (luckily just a few singles).
27. The USB cord for the digital camera.
28. Bakugan.
29. The headphones for the computer.
30. A little hole in the wall!!!

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hokgardner said...

You can add tree stumps to the list. My friend's lab puppy ate a tree stump in their backyard.

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