Tuesday, September 23, 2008

DIY Psychology Part Deux

I left the first part of my mental health breakdown post explaining that I had not responded to Prozac but instead responded very nicely to the thought of Prozac. So I decided to go the talk therapy route and scheduled a weekly visit with the nice doctor whose name I can't remember.
I also started reading a book Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach. The first thing that Sarah has the reader do is begin to keep a Gratitude Journal. The act of taking time each day to count my blessings really helped me. She also encouraged the reader to consider the every day acts of caring for one's family and home as acts of worship, celebrating that the opportunity to love and care for these others was available to you through the grace of God. The book was just what I needed. The nice doctor whose name I can't remember was somewhat miffed that I attributed so much of my recovery to following the principles outlined in Simple Abundance. I think he felt that talking to him once a week was really the more potent antidote to depression.

So that's a little background - two posts worth, oh my - about why Simple Abundance was such an important book to me. And completes the set up for my review of Moving On.

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