Saturday, September 6, 2008

Blessed Mother Theresa

Yesterday was Blessed Mother Theresa's feast day. I did not know that! It wasn't until I clicked on my Google Reader and read one of my favorite Catholic blogs - which BTW I should have up there on my list by the one lonely blog still waiting for the Mormons to join her - that I realized I was, as usual, a day late for the party. When I read it and exclaimed, "Yesterday was Mother Theresa's feast day!", Tween said, "Oh yeah, I knew that." Of course he did. He goes to Catholic school - they're all up on that kind of stuff. When I taught at our Catholic school, I was too. That is one of the things I miss most. I miss being with my kids during the day - catching that glimpse of them with their classmates at recess or lunch or walking down the hall. I miss the rhythm of the school year - the fresh start in Fall and the closure in May or June. But mostly I miss that connectedness I had to the Church. That day in and day out feeling that faith was the most important thing. In my secular world at the hospital, that gets lost. I do good works through my job - I'm not chasing some greedy goal but the good I do doesn't give me the sense of unity with the Catholic Church that I felt when I worked at the school. So I wasn't unified with the rest of the Catholic community in taking time on September 5th to remember Blessed Mother Theresa, to study her works, to reread her words, and to meditate on what a great example she was for all of us to emulate. Hmmm - there's been an awful lot of ME in a post that was supposed to be about ... HER!

Blessed Mother Theresa said and wrote so many things that touched my life. But this is "the one" - from the book of the same title..

The Simple Path
The fruit of silence is
The fruit of prayer is
The fruit of faith is
The fruit of love is
The fruit of service is

I'll be looking for some times to incorporate silence into my life. (And hopefully it won't involve duct taping my children's mouths in anyway.)

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