Sunday, August 31, 2008

Guess what I did tonight!

That's right! I just got back from seeing Mamma Mia at the movie theater. It was very fun; it made me want to stand up on my seat and dance. Would have been kind of tricky with those folding seats but the desire was there. I wanted to be a......

I really should have danced - I need the exercise. My food list right now might make you ill just reading 24 hours (working my way backwards) I've had raspberry almond m&m's, popcorn, Twizzlers cherry bites, spaghetti, salt and vinegar potato chips, English muffin, grits, two eggs scrambled, fiber one cereal, Gorgonzola cheese grit cakes, oriental chicken salad (no, not from McDonalds), pizza, rocky road cake, chocolate chip cookies, and I am sure a few things that I have forgotten. many weight watchers points do we think that is? A million? Yeah, that sounds about right! I surrender, in fact, I think I'm going to send out an ....

So despite the fact that Meryl Streep should have been playing the young ingenue's grandmother instead of her mother, I loved it! And, you know, I really don't find Pierce Brosnan all that attractive but I liked him too. Until he took his shirt off...put it back on!!! Some people (myself included) just look better with clothes on. The other two male leads - hmm, not so good. Usually I think Colin Firth is pretty cute but he was pudgy in this movie. (I know - who am I to dis pudgy right now! - it's like the Seinfeld episode when George doesn't like the woman who has thinning hair.) And the young boy leads - eww - too young. It was the Blue Lagoon movie with singing and dancing.

But I just have to join the chorus of people who thought the movie was a delightful romp. The songs are great, the scenery was to die for, and the costumes were hysterical.

OK - time to sing one more?'s an ear worm just waiting to happen.. go ahead, click!

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