Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Do-do-do-doo- welcome to the Twilight Zone.

In my very first post (all of like four weeks ago) I laid out my fears about my blogging self somehow colliding in the real world with my real self. It sounds so silly. The Internet is a huge place. There are a gazillion blogs. No one I know is going to end up reading my blog. And, just in case you didn't click and read, even if they did, there's nothing to hide - my life is pretty plain. (I know that's a song lyric but I can't quite get the tune.)So I am logged into an old e-mail account that I have to check every once in awhile in case some old friend didn't get the news that I have switched. I delete the 500 spam e-mails - the reason I switched e-mail accounts - and then I "X-out" and go surf. But I didn't "log out". So when I came over to the blogs and clicked to sign in, it signed me right in under my old account. (That's because despite the best efforts of the IT people at my place of work to persuade me otherwise, I frequently repeat the same password.) (Hmm...lots of parentheses tonight - am I having a little trouble focusing?) So my old account took me to an old abandoned blog - are you with me thus far? And there on my old abandoned blog were.....COMMENTS! From someone I kind of know. She's not a local girl so she doesn't impact my day to day life but it was exactly the freak situation I predicted. She knew me from one place, knew it was me posting a comment on someone else's blog with what I thought was an anonymous e-mail, followed the old e-mail to the old blog and there it was...COMMENTS! From someone I kind of know. Egad - I thought I would soil myself. This post alone may not convince you that I have psychic powers but this one combined with the next one about my dog will make a believer out of you!

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