Sunday, August 24, 2008

This one is for real.

I wonder how many abandoned blogs I have out there in cyber space. Blogs I started with good intentions and emotional confessions and then abandoned for fear that some judgemental person from my "real life" would stumble upon it - figure out who I am and then expose me. The problem with that paranoid little fantasy is that there really isn't much to expose. My life is hardly interesting even to those that know and love me. The minutia of laundry, driving kids around, cleaning house, going to work, helping at church, attending the PTO is BORING!! Why would anyone take the time to cyberstalk me simply to discover that I am a suburban housewife? So this time, I am just going to write. I enjoy my life. I think a blog will make a nice little diary for ME to enjoy. IF anyone stumbles across it, and IF they can get through a post without dozing off, and IF they happen to be an incredible internet sleuth and able to discover my real identity, and IF they decide to out me to the world - I'm cool with that. I am a mild mannered mother of three, faithful wife, practicing Catholic, school board member, and educator. That doesn't mean that I don't ever get mad at my children, that I never say a cuss word or laugh at an off color joke, never drink too much or have a crush. It's all OK - it's just me. Just mom.

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