Friday, January 7, 2011

Audiobook Challenges

I should have a bumper sticker, CAUTION: I (heart) Audiobooks, therefore, may cause crashes. I discovered audiobooks within the last few years and now almost always have one going in both my cars. (I still get plenty of radio time because most of the books I choose are not suitable for my children!) I've successfully completed the Audiobook Challenge for two years 2009 and 2010 so that's a shoo-in to do again this year and in addition, I saw a new challenge - Whisper Stories in My Ear so I'm trying for that one too.

Teresa at Teresa's Reading Corner is taking over this challenge thsi year from last year's hostess, Alaine. She's keeping the same levels and I am signing up again for "Obsessed: 20 Audio Books" Click on the logo for all the details.

This challenge, hosted by Bewitched Bookworms, is new to me and instead of tallying the number of books read, it asks for the hours. So, I am going to be a little more conservative in my goal because I haven't paid any attention to these numbers before so I am not sure how I will do. I'm signing up for 200 hours: Can't Keep Quiet. Just have to add that the button (which takes you to all the details) may be the cutest one I have seen this year!

I'll keep track of my completed reads here:
1. Katie Up and Down the Hall, 7.5 hours
2. War, 7.5 hours, current total 15 hours
3. I Dare You, 6 hours, current total 21 hours
4. Don't Blink, 6.5 hours, current total 27.5 hours
5. Marley and Me, 6 hours, current total 33.5 hours
6. Safe Haven, 11 hours, current total 44.5 hours
7. False Impression, 12 hours, current total 56.5 hours
8. Rescue, 7.5 hours, current total 64 hours
9. Hitched, 4.5 hours, current total 68.5 hours
10. Hell's Corner, 14.5 hours, current total 83 hours
11. Death Dance, 6 hours, current total 89 hours
12. In the Name of Honor
13. Eclipse Bay
14. Can You Keep A Secret? , 6 hours,
15. What Good is God?
16. America's Women

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