Friday, January 28, 2011

Anne of Avonlea by Lucy Maud Montgomery

From the Amazon product description: The spirited redhead returns in this heartwarming sequel to Anne of Green Gables. Now she's the schoolma'am in the same place where she was a student, and not much older than her pupils. Anne's determination to win the respect and affection of her students, along with her ongoing search for kindred spirits and her attempts to beautify Avonlea with the village improvement society, provide the same "scope for imagination" that made this book's predecessor a treasure for young readers.

With all of Lucy Maud Montgomery's works available at no charge to download on e-readers, there was no reason to resist moving on to the next book in the series as soon as I finished the first one. This book was equally delightful! As a former teacher it is just mind boggling to me that these sixteen year olds - Anne, Gilbert, et al, are placed in charge of their local schools. What a difference a century makes! Reading these books just makes me wish I had been born in another time and could live their hard but simple life. I had the opportunity for a taste of it the other night. We went to a new (to us) restaurant and one of the items on the menu was Prince Edward Isle mussells - flown in fresh daily. I was very tempted to get them just to be romantic and think I was eating the same kind of thing Anne might eat and, of course, I wanted to go outside and pick a few flowers for the table too. But I didn't do either. Alas, the mussells were served over pasta with no sides and my desire for potatoes and vegetables was stronger than my desire to pretend I was Anne of Green Gables eating mussells on Prince Edwards Island.

I read this book for the Lucy Maud Montgomery Reading Challenge hosted by Carrie at Reading to Know. It also counts for the Classics Challenge and the e-Book challenge, and the 100+ books challenge, and the Outdo Yourself challenge - whew, a lot of heavy lifting for such a light hearted story!

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Avid Reader said...

I love this whole series and have been re-reading the books over the last couple years. They're just as delightful the second time around.