Wednesday, February 16, 2011

False Impression by Jeffrey Archer

From Goodreads: "Why was an elegant lady brutally murdered the night before 9/11? Why was a successful New York banker not surprised to receive a woman's left ear in the morning mail? Why did a top Manhattan lawyer work only for one client, but never charge a fee? Why did a young woman with a bright career steal a priceless Van Gogh painting? Why was an Olympic gymnast paid a million dollars an assignment when she didn't have a bank account?" All these questions are answered in False Impression, but not before a journey of twists and turns that will take readers from New York to London to Bucharest and on to Tokyo, and finally to a sleepy English village, where the mystery of Van Gogh's last painting will finally be resolved.

Jeffrey Archer has written a lot, his website lists a dozen or more fiction titles, a handful of non-fiction, six collections of short stories, and three plays. Wow, I missed all of that. I just came across this audiobook in a local second hand shop and since I am an audio-addict, I bought it. It was great fun. The characters were all wealthy and smart and immersed in the art world so we got to follow them to interesting places in expensive cars! It reminded me of a James Bond movie. The villians were so memorable - a blowhard multi-millionaire who was completely over the top and a petite, blond crewcutted assasin both sexy and lethal (this was however a clean read - don't want to give you the wrong impression). You know starightaway who is good and who is bad so it is just a matter of the chase and who will win  (and, I guess, really, you know even that) but the journey is still fun.

Counts towards tons o' challenges....

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bermudaonion said...

I've never read any of Archer's work, but I know he's wildly popular. This sounds like an audio both my hubby and I would enjoy.