Thursday, April 7, 2011

Death Dance by Linda Fairstein

From Goodreads: Teaming up with longtime friends - NYPD's Mike Chapman and Mercer Wallace - Assistant DA Alex Cooper investigates the disappearance of world-famous dancer Natalya Galinova, who has suddenly vanished backstage at Lincoln Center's Metropolitan Opera House - during a performance. The three colleagues are soon drawn into the machinations of New York City's secretive theatrical community, where ambition takes many forms, including those most deadly. Within the glamorous but sordid inner sanctums of the Broadway elite, the team confronts the ruthless power brokers who control both the stars and the stages where they appear. Meanwhile, Alex is working on a very different case, using a creative technique to nab a physician who has been drugging women in order to assault them. As Dr. Selim Sengor eludes capture, Alex must navigate the new investigative world of DFSA - drug-facilitated sexual assault - intent on proving him guilty.

Here I am again, jumping into the middle of a series and saying, "Meh, it didn't do much for me." And, I will, of course, always wonder..could it be because the characters have five previous books of history that I know nothing about? Maybe. But, character history aside, I found the set up of having two very different and totally unrelated cases in the story to be strange and strained. The book started out with the doctor date rape and then left that story for so long it felt like it was forgotten. When it all of a sudden popped back up again it seemed like an intrusion into what was now the real story. I also thought there were altogether too many odd, unlikable people. And, I didn't much care for the narrator although her flat voice did have a true crime feel to it - kind of like the guy who used to do the voice for Dragnet. This one just wasn't for me.


Anonymous said...

I read the first two in this series a long time ago. I remember liking them, but significantly, I haven't gone back to it. There are many entries now. Sigh. Too many series out there. Sorry this one wasn't for you. Did they have the Jeopardy thing between Alex and Mike? I remember that being fun.

bermudaonion said...

I read one Fairstein book a few years ago and like it well enough, but I've never felt compelled to read more.