Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hitched by Carol Higgins Clark

From Goodreads: Nothing spices up a wedding week better than a homicide. As Regan Reilly races around Manhattan, making last-minute preparations for her nuptials, a murderer is in the wings. Carol Higgins Clark's nicely modulated whodunit will please readers of her light, humorous fare.

Well, it was okay. The story was told so simplistically that it was almost insulting – this is obviously intended to be the lightest of light reads because absolutely no thought is required on the part of the reader – just get from one word to the next and all will be revealed – explained so plainly there is no way you can miss a clue. And, yet, at the same time it was a bit confusing because of sheer volume -there were so many stories within the story. The premise is a designer bridal shop being robbed of five dresses so we meet all five brides and each has a mystery involved and a lot of them eventually overlap. It was probably more fun to create this elaborate web of interweaving characters and stories than it was to listen to it – kind of like when someone wants to tell you about the dream they had last night. Another nail in the coffin was that it was read by the author. She had a genuine northern accent to portray all these Yankees but it was just a little grating. But…there are more than a dozen books in the series so obviously there are a lot of people who DO enjoy the series. In fact even I’ve read another one before, Zapped, as my Z book one year for the A-Z Reading Challenge.

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