Saturday, August 1, 2009

Don't let my head explode in the new car!

I posted recently that I had finished two rather hefty audio books, First Family by David Baldacci and Long Lost by Harlan Coben, anyone who put some thought into it may have paused and wondered, "How did she listen to both of those and finish at the same time?" Well, no one asked, but I'm telling you anyway! The Navy bought me a car. In the course of my job, I do a lot of driving. For the last five years the Navy has just had me record my mileage and then would issue me a check based on miles driven. As the price of gas went up and up and up, my mileage check got fatter and fatter. Finally it got so fat, that it attracted the attention of the bean counters in the Navy and they/he/she decided it would be cheaper to buy me a car.
So I have a cute new red Ford Focus. But I still, much to the disappointment of the Navy, insist on having a life outside of work! And that life includes shuttling my children around in my regular old gray Honda Civic. So I started First Family (12 CDs)in my old gray Honda Civic, and Long Lost (7 CDs) in my shiny new red Ford Focus. This meant that every time I ignited an ignition, I had to take a few minutes and orient myself to a plot line. I'd have this moment of "where am I" and "Who are these people?" and when you add in the plot lines of the two or three print books I always have going at the same time, I had moments where I thought my head would explode! But, please, don't let my head explode in the new car because the upholstery is so clean and the car has such a nice smell...let it happen in the old gray Civic.

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bermudaonion said...

Is the Focus a hybrid? If so, I'd love to know how you like it.