Thursday, May 5, 2011

Where I've Been...

I haven't posted in almost a month! Have you wondered where I have been?
One of the biggest things that has kept me busy the last few weeks has been Relay for Life. I was a team captain honoring a dear, sweet friend who is in the thick of her cancer battle. Since January I have been coordinating meals for the family and things really heated up when it came time for the actual Relay event. We did great. We fund raised double what our goal was, we had great participation, and I know my dear sweet friend felt loved and supported.
The next thing that kept me busy was preparing to host Bunko. For years I was in a relaxed Bunko group; all that hosting involved was throwing out the card tables and opening the wine. We all had kids and jobs and pets and life was crazy so we ignored the mess and focused on the fun. But that group disbanded and I have ended up playing with a very different sort of crew. These twelve women are mostly retired or perhaps work part-time, they have grown children or no children, and their homes are big, beautiful, spotless mansions on the water. Bunko is preceded by a sit down dinner for all twelve - a lot more preparation! They are a lot of fun but they are used to good food and clean houses - those things require a lot of effort on my part! Our house was suffering from some neglect, the worst being where the puppy had chewed three holes in the wall during her chewing stage! So hosting Bunko involved painting both my kitchen and the hallway and getting some landscaping accomplished. There were a dozen other things that should have been done but those chores took up three solid weekends so we just ran out of time! Now we have until my turn next year to accomplish the rest!

We have also started Spring sports here at the RoundFile home. Youngest is playing flag football in a church league. That's not too bad, one practice during the week and a game on Saturday. Teen is a different story, rec league soccer is quite a time commitment. He has two practices during the week (sometimes an extra one to make three!) and a week night game and a weekend game.
Spring break kept me busy too. One thing about living at the beach, people do come visit! I had friends come from Maryland, Michigan, Wisconsin, and North Carolina. Not all together - these were all separate visits. Only one actually stayed at my house but I did spend time visiting with everyone and organizing get togethers. There has been a lot of eating going on 'round here! I am almost to my pregnancy delivery weight - Lord, have mercy!!!

Yesterday was a trip to Clemson to bring BookTiger home for the summer. She has finished freshman year. I am now the proud parent of a college sophomore!

Other things this week - a funeral today and a wedding tomorrow and a baby shower Sunday! So...that's where I've been, probably more than you wanted to know! I have read a little bit, I hope to get those books posted soon. I have 300 posts backed up on my Google Reader but hope that I will get to those soon too! I miss my blog and my blogging friends - I'll be back!


bermudaonion said...

I like relaxed bunko so much better. I sub for a group like your current group, but I don't want to join them. Congratulations to your daughter on a successful first year!

Avid Reader said...

Oh my gosh you've been busy! Welcome back.

Blogger said...

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