Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"I'm Black and I'm Proud," Wished the White Girl

From Goodreads: Living within a "Black World" and coming to know racism first-hand is rarely the path traveled by the average white American. Lynn Markovich Bryant shares her story of living within a black environment and dealing with racism.

I found this memoir fascinating because of the "inside look" it gave to race relations in Beaufort during integration and the repercussions still affecting life here today. Although I was fascinated by the book, I had a hard time deciding if it was the actual story or if it was more of the then and now look at the community with which I am intimately familiar. As I read, I wondered if someone from another part of the country would appreciate it less or more reading it without knowing the landmarks and some of the people described. It was a fast read and the sequence of events was for the most part fairly linear which allowed me to keep track of things easily. While I am glad that the author used her real voice as she wrote, there were times that I found the asides distracting. Lickety split I am passing this one on to a friend so I have someone to discuss it with and I'll be checking back on Goodreads to see what other readers have to say!

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