Saturday, May 21, 2011

Forever Friends by Lynne Hinton

From Goodreads: Welcome back to Hope Springs, the small southern town introduced in the bestselling Friendship Cake, in which the women of Hope Springs Community Church first came together to whip up a cookbook like no other -- a project that turned out to be an ideal recipe for friendship. Now, Lynne Hinton returns with her engaging storytelling and brings the friendship of these delightful women to life once more in the third installment of the beloved Hope Springs series.

I've read the first book in this series, Friendship Cake, and the fourth book in the series, Christmas Cake, and this, the third book in the series, Forever Friends. So I am out of order and missing one altogether but overall, still enjoying the series as a light read. Even though the main characters have stayed the same through the series, I have had a little bit of trouble keeping track of who is who, I do chalk that up to reading out of order because I have some of their back stories mixed up in my head! Each book also has sub-plots involving other people in the community and those have been interesting and easy to follow. The author, Lynne Hinton, was a pastor and her faith is a part of the books but it is not overwhelming by any stretch. I think in one of my other reviews, I compared the series to the Mitford series and that is still my impression. I have my eye out for Hope Springs and Wedding Cake because I would like to read those too.

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bermudaonion said...

I've read one of Hinton's books - I think it was The Christmas Cake - and enjoyed it. I'm glad to know the rest of the series is worth reading too.