Sunday, July 12, 2009

Prince Caspian by C.S. Lewis

From the back cover:Narnia . . . the land between the lamp-post and the castle of Cair Paravel, where animals talk, where magical things happen . . . and where the adventure begins. Peter, Susan Edmund and Lucy are returning to boarding school when they are summoned from the dreary train station (by Susan's own magic horn) to return to the land of Narnia -- the land where they had ruled as kings and queens and where their help is desperately needed.

When Prince Caspian went around and met the animals and called them into his service it reminded me of Jesus recruiting the disciples. However, if the imagery is supposed to be consistent from book to book then Aslan would still be Jesus and that wouldn’t make sense! There was the good versus evil as the Narnians battled the Telmarines. The healing of the mouse was reminiscent of all the New Testament stories of Jesus' ability to heal. And Lucy following Jesus despite not knowing the way was "trust in God" come to life.

Chronicles of Narnia Reading ChallengeThis book is my fourth for the Chronicles of Narnia Reading Challenge hosted by Carrie at Reading to Know

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Kalynne Pudner said...

These are my absolute favorite books of all time - there is so much depth, and not just in the Christian allegory. And humor! The scene where his lieutenants goad Miraz into dueling Peter (the movie unfortunately glosses over this) has me literally on my knees with laughter every time I read it.