Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Devil in the Junior League by Linda Francis Lee

From the author's website: Former Junior Leaguer Linda Francis Lee has crafted a scandalously delicious novel that takes you deep into the heart of Texas blue-blood society. Fredericka Mercedes Hildebrand Ware (Frede to her friends) lives her life by the rules—the Junior League of Willow Creek Texas’s rules, that is. And with a big house, a handsome husband, and plenty of money (albeit her Daddy’s), she fits the JLWC mold to a tee. But when her husband betrays her, steals her money, and runs off to places unknown, Frede’s pristine reputation is in serious jeopardy. To make matters worse, there is only one person in town who stands a chance at helping her get revenge—Howard Grout, a tasteless, gold-chain-wearing lawyer who has bought his way into Frede's tony neighborhood. The price: Frede has to get his tacky, four-inch-stiletto-and-pink-spandex-wearing wife, Nikki, into the Junior League. Hang on tight for an irresistible tale of getting in and getting even, as Linda Francis Lee shows us that some rules are made to be broken.

I guess this would be described as Chick Lit - it was cute and a little bit of romance. The caricatures of the Southern Junior League ladies were humorous but even as you're laughing at how ridiculous they are, they are still likable. I especially liked the main character, Frede. The idea of the girls being such good friends when they are young and then going their separate ways in high school mainly because of financial/class differences sure is sad. The website had an announcement that Universal Studies has bought the rights to the story and Jennifer Garner is slated to star and produce. I really like Jennifer Garner so I'll look forward to that one coming out!

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