Friday, March 11, 2011

Girls' Night In edited by Lauren Henderson and others

From Goodreads: In this must-have short-story anthology, Jennifer Weiner revisits one of her Good in Bed characters (and tells the story from, ahem, his point of view), Jill A. Davis (Girls' Poker Night) offers a darkly humorous take on starting over in New York and working with "the Elizabeths," Sarah Miynowski (Milkrun) tempts fate (and an on-again-off-again boyfriend) and Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez (The Dirty Girls Social Club) considers how different the words lady and woman are when paired with cat. Girls' Night In features stories about growing up, growing out of, moving out, moving on, falling apart and getting it all together.

When I saw this book, I thought, "Jackpot! This is going to be fun!". But in actuality, it was not. There were some good stories but there were also several I didn't even finish. I guess that would go with a slot machine analogy, wouldn't it? Sometimes you get cherries and sometimes you get lemons! The fist story, "Party Planner", by Meg Cabot was a win, cute tale told in e-mail about a young office staffer charged with planning their office party and, of course, everything goes wrong. "Changing People" by Sophie Kinsella was cute too. It yielded one of my favorite lines as a character posing as a designer says, "I'm a qualified specialist in mantelpiece adornment." The one by Jennifer Weiner was just okay for me probably because it was based on one of the characters in her book, Good in Bed, and I haven't read the book (yet). So, I pretty much liked the stories by the authors I knew and already liked, no new winners for me with this one.

This book counts for a few challenges...

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