Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Color of Light by Karen White

Description from Goodreads: At thirty-two, pregnant and recently divorced, Jillian Parrish and her seven-year-old daughter find refuge and solace on Pawleys Island, South Carolina. Jillian had experienced her best childhood memories here-until her best friend Lauren Mills disappeared, never to be found. At the time, Linc Rising, Lauren's boyfriend and Jillian's confidant, had been a suspect in Lauren's disappearance. Now he's back on Pawleys Island-renovating the old Mills house. And as ghosts of the past are resurrected, and Jillian's daughter begins having eerie conversations with an imaginary friend named Lauren, Jillian and Linc will uncover the truth about Lauren's disappearance and about the feelings they have buried for sixteen years.

My Karen White binge continues. This one was quite similar to Tradd Street and Legare Street but I didn't enjoy it as much, not because it wasn't equally good but simply because the familiar style wasn't as exciting the third time around. The paranormal element was a huge surprise with the first book I read; this time I was expecting it and so it was easier to predict where the plot was going. She does a great job capturing the feel of the Lowcountry and I liked the characters. I did have the problem of being just the right age that I kept picturing Linc as
the guy from the Mod Squad. It was disconcerting because if the character Linc had actually been a tall black man that would have added an important element to the was a distraction that kept me from focusing on who Linc really was in this story! I picked this book up at a tag sale for less than a dollar, and guess what, it happened to be an autographed copy! I thought there was some good karma swinging back by me because Karen White was speaking recently at Sun City Hilton Head but I gave up the opportunity to go see her to take of my Cub Scout den meeting. A little karmic reward for my sacrifice - how nice is that?!

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bermudaonion said...

You are on a Karen White binge! I haven't started the Tradd Street series yet, but I'm anxious to.