Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cancer Update #6

It's been so long since I could sit at a computer to post here on My Round File! I am sneaking a few minutes at the library but must zip soon to go resume real life - grocery shopping for dinner tonight, shoes for Youngest that are on sale today, decorating for Christmas. The news of my dad is good but not great because that's how he is doing, he is doing good, but not great. He came through the surgery so now he is minus one lobe of lung and is officially cancer free. However, he is still not feeling well and that is a disapointment. We hope that over the next few weeks he will regain his strength. It is discouraging for him to go into the surgery with cancer but otherwise feeling really good and come out of the surgery without cancer but feeling crummy. A little iron for the anemia, some good sleep for the insomnia, and we pray he will be on his way to enjoying the new lease on life he has been given.

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bermudaonion said...

My mother-in-law has had part of each of her lungs removed and it does take a little while to recover from that surgery. I hope your dad feels better soon.