Thursday, February 4, 2010

Paint it Black by Janet Fitch

From the Amazon product description: Josie Tyrell, art model, teen runaway, and denizen of LA's 1980 punk rock scene, finds a chance at real love with art student Michael Faraday. A Harvard dropout and son of a renowned pianist, Michael introduces her to his spiritual quest and a world of sophistication she had never dreamed existed. But when she receives a call from the Los Angeles County Coroner, asking her to identify her lover's dead body, her bright dreams all turn to black.

Oooh - this one was sooo good; I wish every book I read could just suck me in like this one did! I listened to it on audio but I wished I had a paper copy too because some of the writing was just incredible and I wanted to go back and reread bits and pieces. Fitch doesn't just paint images with her words, she makes you feel the emotions - the shame, the dirt, the longing. One bit I remember is Michael's mother scornfully telling Josie how poor a match she was for Micheal saying that she didn't belong with Michael that she didn't deserve to be near him, that she 'doesn't even deserve to be in the same sentence with him'. I found a spot on goodreads where people place quotes they like and there was this one from Paint It Black, Josie thinking about Micheal's suicide..."Death like a lover, caressing him, promising him peace, running its fingers through his hair, its tongue in his ear. She put her own two fingers in her mouth. Im so sorry. And pulled the trigger" Janet Fitch has one other book besides this oen and White Oleander, it's Kicks a middle grade story; it's on mental wish list now.

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