Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines to me...random life happenings

I spent Valentine's Day driving back to South Carolina after spending the weekend with my father. He handled his first dose of chemotherapy very well - kept his appetite, kept his hair (what there is of it!) and, most importantly, kept his sense of humor! His next dose occurs later this week. The first week of March he has a repeat of the brain MRI to check for new growth. That will be a red letter day.

While I was away, I missed snow here in coastal South Carolina. The last time it snowed here was 1989. I missed that snow too - again I was away visiting my parents - what a coincidence!

I got home Sunday night and found a sweet Valentine's gift from Ex-Marine - a Snuggie! As seen on TV! I hinted around quite a bit at Christmas time but nobody took the bait so I was very pleased to see it now. Along with it came a big box of chocolates - diet to follow.

Less than an hour later, Bookworm said, "Somethings wrong with my tub." That something was the septic tank backing up and soon all three tubs had an inch of YUCK covering the bottom. An emergency plumber visit to dig up the tank lid by flashlight revealed that the drain into the tank was clogged with PAPER TOWELS. Some child...and there are really two equal suspects....decided that rather than walk down the hall to get a new roll of toilet tissue, he would just substitute the Brawny paper towels that I keep under the bathroom sink so they are handy to wipe the mirrors. Never dreamed a child would consider using them to wipe something else entirely. And, more than once. Boys really are a different breed. Sigh. Aren't you glad I chose a picture of paper towels rather than a picture of a septic tank.

This post is late getting up but Happy Valentine's Day!


bermudaonion said...

Glad to see things went well for your dad. We had snow over in our part of the state, too, but it didn't last long.

M Denise C said...

Hey, I really enjoy your blog and wanted to give you this award. Check it out here:

Sincerely, Denise