Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Challenge Status

My intention for this year is to take a look at the end of each month at where I am with my challenges. I'm running short of time - who'd have thought! - so this one won't be nearly as pretty and linky as I envisioned but it's a start.

I have two of twenty completed for this challenge. I actually have one more done that needs to be posted and another almost finished. My audiobook challenge is in good shape.

I'm at 5 of 26 on this one - well on my way to completion!

This one seemed so fun and easy - why haven't I read a single book yet? Part of it is that I have to go and steal them from Bookworm's room. I'm sure she has most of the ones on my list but she hates to part with a book. I'm going to check out her stacks as soon as I post this since she is conveniently out of the house. I will be searching for Judy Blume books - I have two on my list, Wifey and Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. These would count for bermudaonions mini-challenge for February!

I've got two under my belt for this one as well. I don't know that I ever declared my intentions as far as the level of participation so not really sure how to gauge my progress. Better get that figured out before next month!

I have a couple of other challenges I have intended to join - a historical fiction one that should be a breeze since I read one HF selection each month for the Facebook book club. And, also the People of Color challenge - I've already read two that would fit and after the recent blogging about searching out books on POC, I want to make an effort to read a variety.

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bermudaonion said...

I'm hosting a Judy Blume mini-challenge for the Shelf Discovery Challenge, so you should get to work on it this month!