Saturday, February 13, 2010

Still Summer by Jacquelyn Mtchard

From the Amazon product description: Jacquelyn Mitchard gives the reunion novel a dark twist in this story, which takes four women on a dream vacation that goes very, very wrong. As the group is sailing in the Caribbean, a storm leaves their sailboat adrift, and the women must battle dwindling food supplies, sharks, and, worst of all, pirates.

I am a Jacquelyn Mitchard fan...most of the time. This was eventually one of those times but it did take me two tries to get started with this one. The introduction of the characters left a lot to be desired - they just seemed silly and one-dimensional. They revealed a little more depth later but not like other Mitchard novels that I would consider better The Deep End of the Ocean and Cage of Stars,this one is closer to Breakdown Lane. The "big secret" was no secret to me, I figured that mystery out within the first few chapters. What Mitchard did well with this book, was the pirate scenes. I expected not to like that aspect of the story because I like relationship books, but it was the best part. The pirates were scary, lecherous, evil men and all the action was described in enough detail to create a good image. The story drags on a bit at the end but that's because she takes the time to wrap up all the storylines. I do like a well-defined ending!

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bermudaonion said...

I don't know that I've read a book with pirate scenes since I was a child. I know a lot of people love Mitchard's work, so this sounds like it's worth a read.

Beth F said...

I'll likely pick this one up because Mitchard... but I won't expect it to be as good as Deep End of the Ocean.