Friday, January 8, 2010

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Living Catholic Faith

I know you don't need a description for this one, but perhaps an explanation? Yes, I have been a Chicken Soup snob. I've made fun of how formulaic they are. I've looked down my nose at them as not real books. I think I may have said something like - tabloid-style sentimental junk.

But then I was stuck for a three hour shift in our religious goods shop and I picked this one up thinking the quick stories would be perfect for the down time between customers. And they were perfect, as long as the customer didn't mind me sniffling and crying as I completed their transaction. So I set the book aside during that shift but I bought it to read during adoration and I allowed myself a good wallowing cry once a week for the last few weeks reading these miracle stories. I guess there is a time for everything! And because the Chicken Soup industry is the Walmart of books, I must not be the only one who has succumbed.

If you go for the occasional dip in the soup, you may want to check out this giveaway at 5 Minutes for Books - three of them! Grab your Kleenex and enter!

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