Saturday, February 14, 2009

Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind by Ann B. Ross

From the author's website: This book begins the series that features the sharp-tongued, but soft-hearted in spite of herself, Julia Springer of Abbotsville, North Carolina. In it, Julia learns of her recently deceased husband's perfidious activities when his mistress, Hazel Marie Puckett, and his nine-year-old illegitmate son show up on her front porch without a nickel to their names. In spite of counselling by Pastor Ledbetter, criticism by her friends, gossip in the community, a kidnapping by a televangelist and the discovery of a new will that threatens to send her to the poorhouse, Miss Julia takes Hazel Marie and Little Lloyd into her home and learns to hold her head up high.

Quick fluffy read - but fun. The book had a gentle feel that reminded me of the Mrs. Pollifax books or the Ladies Detective Agency. This was the same combination of sweet innocent older lady going on a little bit of an adventure. I was surprised to learn it was the first in a series and then to see that there were so many that have followed it already. And as I looked them over, I realised I have read one of them before. That shows you that "read in an afternoon" fluffy books are fun but don't make much of an impression on me! While I enjoyed the book today, I can't imagine wanting to read more of this same character - at least not without a nice long break in between.

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Beth F said...

This sounds good. I like Mrs. Pollifax! I'll keep this in mind for a rainy-day read.