Friday, February 6, 2009

John Adams is kicking my butt.

I have had John Adams in my reading spot for weeks. Probably since just a few days after Christmas. I'm on chapter 2. Not good progress.

I did a little math - I'm averaging a book a year about the presidents. Which at 43 more presidents to go, would have me wrapping this challenge up at 44 (current age) + 43 (# presidents)...age 87 years. Except - that while I'm spending the next 43 years reading, we'll elect at least 5 or up to 11 more presidents. This puts my ETOCC (Estimated Time of Challenge Completion) somewhere between the year 2057 and 2063 and my age would be between 92 and 98. And while I am reading those 5-11 more books we'll have between 1 and 3 more presidents elected and I will then be quite possibly 100 years old!

Do you think when I am 100 years old, we will still even have the Internet?

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Beth F said...

LOL!!! I'm trying to do one a month. We'll see . . .