Friday, January 9, 2009

Twilight a book and a movie

In the course of a few days I read the book and went to see the movie. Brace yourself - the book was better. (Don't you just love saying that? It's best said with a harumphy sniff and a nose in the air.) It's definitely teen fiction so the longing looks and Bella's endless analyzing were a bit much to take. But in the end, the love story is H-O-T and even middle aged suburban housewives are enraptured of Edward. (That part makes my teenage daughter, Bookworm, feel physically ill.) Then finally the action begins and the vampire violence was captivating.

So what was up with the movie. Well, the good part would be that they did a nice job with the editing so that the story still made sense despite having to cut out so much. I had higher expectations for certain scenes - like when Edward exposes himself to her in the sunlight and he is supposed to be shimmering so radiantly that all the world would notice if he was out in the light in public. But in the movie he just kind of looked like he had thrown on some glitter dusting powder - not nearly as "oooh" as I had expected - more like an aging 80's pop star. And, of course, so much of the book takes place in Bella's head and you can't capture those internal conversations on screen. Not that I wasn't just a little bit sick of them by the end of the book! I guess the book had too much Bella deep thinking and the movie had too little - call me Goldilocks, I want it just right.

Overall both the book and the movie were great fun. I can see how they have inspired pages upon pages of flair on Facebook. Stephenie Meyer has a website - you can check it out here.

And the best Twilight humor is at Norman Mormon Husbands here and here.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree about the book being way better. The book had such an intensity that a movie couldn't show.