Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button by F. Scott Fitzgerald

I followed a link on someone else's blog to find the story The Curious Case of Benjamin Button available to read online. As the original post so nicely put it, the movie was not based on the book because it was so vastly different. Instead she put it as the movie was "inspired" by the book.

I did this in the wrong order. I almost always read first and then watch later and then I get to say, "Oh, the book was so much better!" with a little bit of an attitude. But this time...the movie was better, way better! Reading the story was satisfying in that it assuaged my curiosity but it was so less interesting, less detailed, just plain less than the movie that it certainly wasn't satisfying in a pleasurable way. Kudos to whoever the screen writer was - that person has a great imagination. And perhaps, if I had read first, I might would say the same thing about F. Scott Fitzgerald. But I didn't.

So here is where I should wax on for just a minute about how Brad Pitt is handsome at every age and why, oh why, did he leave sweet Jennifer to marry that pouty lipped, tramp stamped fruitcake Angelina Jolie? Let's have a photo...


This book is my "C" for the A-Z Reading Challenge!Click on the logo to see my progress.

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