Saturday, January 31, 2009

Binging and Purging

I have been on a baking binge recently. In the past week or so I've made a three layer lemon cake, two pans of brownies, and a large batch of chocolate chip cookies. I've also done a few loaves of bread in the bread machine and a dozen blueberry muffins. All this baking is because I am trying to purge enough stuff from my pantry that I can actually see what is in the pantry. This is my road to hell right here - my good intentions as I need to buy the Otis Spunkmeyer muffins in all that excessive wrapping (even the ungreen me knows that is not good for our planet!), I'll just whip up a batch. I can walk by the bakery with it's pre-made cakes for sale, I'll make my own. Chips Ahoy?! No way - I can make chocolate chip cookies. (They don't compare to my mothers but that's another blog post)

The pantry is starting to look a little better except that now it would seem that I need to go on a pasta binge as I must have two boxes of every kind of noodle that Mueller's manufactures. But I (me, myself!)am looking a little worse. Just a pound so far but it's a pound in the wrong direction! I want the scale to move down - not up! When it comes to eating, I'm all for the binging, but not at all interested in the purging. I'd rather just let it settle and then binge again.

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