Saturday, November 8, 2008

Not a real greenie but...

Our little Cathlic school just finished up a fundraiser. Yawn - old news - anyone with a kid in Catholic school knows you are always either beginning, in the middle of, or wrapping up a fundrasier - they are non-stop. Our fall fundraiser was a wrapping paper slash knick-knack slash chocolate slash shipped meast slash you name it and it was in that catalog sale, I kid you not. Of all the items to choose from, I picked the one that I would buy even if it wasn't a fundraiser...a renewal for my Southern Living magazine. This is my kind of fundraising - buying something that I would have bought anyway but the school gets a little piece of the pie.

Friday was distribution day. The halls were filled with boxes and boxes of mercahndise...or so it appeared. Youngest came home with this good sized box. I took the picture with the Coke can as a point of reference for size. (Side note - I actually had fun looking around my house at all the things that I might use as a size reference...picture the same box with an Always maxi pad taped to the side...toilet humor - still funny even in my forties!)So with this universal size reference of the CocaCola can, you can see that this is a good sized box. It's the kind of box, you look at and say, "Oooh, that's a nice sized box, better not throw that nice sized box away. I'll need a box that size come Christmas."

So I really LOVE the box. But, what was in the box? It was the only thing that I ordered, my Southern Living magazine renewal. A slip of paper. A slip of paper that was maybe 5" x 8" x .0000001" - A SLIP OF PAPER! So I am not a real greenie..but even I know that is just wrong.

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