Sunday, December 28, 2008

Entertainment Overload

I feel like I should be scooping bits of gray matter off the floor as I type. Surely my brain has exploded. I have stuffed it with so much "input" the past week that I feel headachy! I've been on a book binge. Some sort of colonic of the head after 1776 - I've picked up new books by all my old favorite authors - books that you can read in an afternoon and I've read one of them each afternoon until the words are swimming on the page. I know there are bloggers out there dedicated to books that do that on a regular basis but it's a bit much for me.

And I've been pursuing the Holiday Movie Marathon - three full length features at the theater in three days. I started out with a girlfriend at The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - at a whopping two hours forty-eight minutes that almost counts as 1.5 movies. Then Youngest and I saw High School Musical 3 and the next day, Bedtime Stories. None will make my Favorite Movie A-Z list but they were a fun diversion during the long vacation days.

And I've been playing like a fiend on Facebook. My bro and I are trading top spots on the geography game which actually requires a bit of brain power for me - geography is not my strong suit and there's a whole section on flags, some from countries I've never even heard of.

So that's my exploding skull scenario - too much stuff to stuff into this tiny brain. I'm reading furiously the "last book", an Anita Shreve which I'm half way through and have just now figured out has a character that was also in Weight of Water which I DID NOT LIKE (twice). So I'm a little perturbed but trying to keep going and keep an open mind. This is the end, the last book, before I settle back into reality - what with going back to work tomorrow AND my book club selection arrived from Amazon and it's a historical fiction about Frank Lloyd Wright which sounds interesting but will be more difficult reading than the all the lazy afternoon ladies I've been spending my days with.

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