Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's not easy being me...

I have always been one of those people who tries not to take an "in your face" stand about things that I think are right because before you can say, "boo", it will turn out I am wrong. There are those that will argue a point and there are those of us who just won't. I always agree to disagree.

Being this type of person gets me labeled as "nice". People say things like, "Oh Just Mom would never say anything mean about anyone else, she is so nice.". These kind of comments are made by acquaintances - real friends know I can be very catty. Nothing to be proud of but it is the truth. So all the periphery people who think I am the good fairy of sweetness and light are deluded. The real me is just a wimp who is so afraid to be wrong, that she won't stand up and argue when she knows she is right.

Yesterday I arrived home to no Internet. The Internets was gone and I was MAD! And it was gone because we hadn't paid the bill. But you see....we hadn't received a bill. Here's the story. In August we switched from a phone line Internet provider to a cable Internet provider - Hargray. Hargray came out and hooked us up by cable and the Internet worked just fine - speedy quick just like we wanted. But the cable lay across our yard for weeks and weeks and no one ever came back to bury it. So I finally called to complain and it turned out they had our house number wrong. They had sent someone out to bury the cable but they had accidentally sent him to the neighbors house and they had no cable to bury so he left. Then the neighbor came over with a bill, addressed to our name but with his house number. Yessiree Bob, Hargray had made a mistake. They had our house number WRONG!

We called and got it straightened out. They came out and buried our cable. But guess what, we still didn't get a bill. We were still getting great, speedy quick Internet, we had plenty of other bills to pay, so we didn't even notice that Hargray hadn't asked us for any money. Until they decided to cut us off. And that made me mad. Because they had our house number WRONG! They hadn't sent us a bill.

Off I went to the Hargray building checkbook in hand, righteous indignation at the ready, and I told the girl at the counter exactly how Hargray had messed up. She was apologetic, she accepted my payment, she put a rush order on the reconnect, and she just couldn't understand how it had happened because according to her records our address had been changed and the new bills (plural - 2 months worth) had gone to the correct house. I smugly sat and let her do her work and as I waited, I started looking around. And I started to notice not so much of the familiar red Hargray logo but lots and lots of an obnoxious bright green Cricket logo. All over the place, the same color bright green Cricket logo as that strange bill we had at home. The bill that I thought maybe was an old cell phone we had forgotten to disconnect and so had set aside to deal with later - for two months in a row! And I kind of remember reading something announcing a buy out or a merger or some sort of marriage of telecommunications that resulted in my Hargray account now being called Cricket. Oh, man, I was WRONG!

And the moral of this story is that I need to be exactly who I am - a non-confrontational wimp because there seems to be a proportional relationship with how right I think I am (and how insistent I am upon the fact) and how wrong I actually am. I do not need to grown a backbone because apparently I need to focus all my energies on growing a brain. It's not easy being me but I need to be who I am.

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