Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Why I want a Wii Fit.

"How do you fail PE? Twice?!" This is the question I get asked whenever anyone has to review my college transcripts. Lucky for me, as you age your college transcripts get reviewed less and less frequently. Other things also slow down - reaction time, metabolism, sex drive...but really that's a different post. My goal here is to answer the question, "How do you fail PE? Twice?!"

My first physical education failure was the result of the sloth gene that I inherited from my mother. My advisor is truly responsible - there should have been some sort of counseling against registration for the roller skating class that started all the way across town at 7:50am. Sleep in a soft warm bed ooooorrrr roll in circles around a cold concrete rink? Sleep won out and I failed PE class #1 simply for lack of attendance.

My second physical education failure was the quarter I enrolled in weightlifting. The first day of class I arrived at the gym with an assortment of other students none of whom looked to be anything extraordinary. I assessed the group and decided that I fit right in. Then the class began. The first move the instructor wanted us to try was lifting a long bar from shoulder height straight up into the air and bring it back down to shoulder height again. The dilemma for me was that she wanted the bar to have weights on it. And even with the lightest possible combination, I could not lift the bar. So "Plan B" in weightlifting was simply lift the empty bar. Still not gonna happen. Which prompted me to move on to "plan F".. leave the gym and never return, not even to drop the class and save my parents the tuition for the quarter. I was so humiliated, I just took the "F".

Someone who has trouble getting out of bed, someone who can't lift even the lightest weight, that person needs to exercise in the privacy of her own home. She needs a Wii Fit! And just to clarify - that person is ME! So to get my Wii Fit, I'm entering the giveaway at Magpie Musing. Check it out here.

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