Saturday, December 20, 2008

Breakfast with Tiffany

What a great morning. My dear friend, who in the spirit of online anonymity shall now be known as Tiffany, came for breakfast. So, of course, I cooked and I cleaned, and I cooked and I cleaned and it was worth every moment of effort. The menu was sausage-egg breakfast casserole this recipe except that I used all regular milk - no evaporated milk, pineapple angel food cake no recipe for this, just sliced a store bought angel food cake and filled with a mixture of cream cheese, sugar, cool whip, and crushed pineapple - turned out great, and an Entemann's raspberry danish.

The activities were Apples to Apples and Pictureka. Apples to Apples has been a staple at Bookworm's church youth group for awhile but our whole family didn't get in on it until we vacationed with our extended family and the aunt brought it. There is a junior game that would eliminate the occasional racy entry/cuss word but when we bought it for our family we stuck with the grown up version. It's a lot more fun just to have to edit a little bit than to not have the grown up humor that makes it a good time for the adults to play too. When you have the multi-generational game going some of the cultural references are lost on the kids they just don't know who, what, or where but you can look across the table at the other adults and have a little moment. Pictureka came to me courtesy of a blog I follow: Parental Approval.

We polished off the morning out in the yard shooting a BB gun at targets stapled to trees. The Red Ryder BB gun was a gift last Christmas for Tween. Tiffany and I share a love of the movie A Christmas Story so there were many repetitions of "You'll put your eye out." between fits of giggling. Good food, fun games, and weapons - what a perfect morning.

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