Saturday, November 22, 2008

The best laid plans...

I imagined Friday night sitting down at the computer and titling a post "Let the Blogging Begin!" and then I was going to finish up the half dozen posts I have in draft form waiting to be edited or spell-checked or linked or have a picture added. I thought because Ex-Marine has gone off for his annual hunting trip with his brothers, and I would be alone, that I would have all sorts of free time to blog, blog, blog. Except that alone for me still includes three children, a cat, a dog, and some fish so Ex-Marine being gone isn't really putting much of a dent in my workload. So here it is Saturday night with no blogging happening. What I did do the past twenty-four hours includes laundry (of course), lots of church functions - it's a big weekend at our parish, a childrens' community theater production, and lots of lolling about watching the puppy cam. Oh, and Freecell too - almost forgot my update - I'm at game 999575. Now I am off to bed to wrestle with my puppy who thinks that if the Ex-Marine isn't home, she ought to have his spot in the bed. Puppies sure are a lot cuter at 6 pounds than they are at 56 pounds! Hmm....I guess the same could be said about all the other family members too!

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