Monday, November 24, 2008

My daughter is smarter than me - really.

I had a realization tonight - Bookworm is smarter than me. She's not as street smart as me - thank goodness, she is still a teenager after all! But when it comes to mental gymnastics - she's got me beat.

The first clue was her high school coursework. The extent of my science in high school was "ISPS" or some other acronym that stood for Introduction to Physical Science for people who can't actually comprehend science. I took this class with most of the "back parking lot" crowd - the smokers and stoners. And then some biology and about half a year of anatomy (right up until they presented us with our dead cat to dissect and I had to drop the class). But Bookworm wrapped up physical science in the eighth grade, then biology in ninth, chemistry in tenth , and this year she is taking physics - huh?

The next clue was about a week or so ago when she was inducted into the National Honor Society. She'll get to wear the gold cord when she graduates next year. I wore gold too - an add-a-bead necklace - quite full I might add.

Then came the SAT's ....she bested my scores. I made National Merit Semi-Finalist which generated some scholarship offers so I am hoping that is still a possibility because I'm guessing this girl is going to college.

But finally, the nail in the coffin was tonight's public humiliation on Facebook. She beat my score on Word Challenge weeks ago so I have been trying and trying to better her and get back on top. I finally did it. And then I announced it to the world... or at least to my twenty FBFs (Facebook Friends). Since Bookworm is one of my FBFs she saw that status and immediately got back on the game and beat me again - by over a thousand points. Man, this girl is smart - how'd I do that ?

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