Sunday, November 16, 2008

Comfort or show

On the Internet chat board that I visit, someone asked the question, "Is your house decorated for comfort or for show?" I answered there but that answer will scroll off in a matter of hours so I am also recording it here because my house that is a bit too comfortable for my taste now, will at some point be ready to show. And I'll be missing all this clutter - maybe.

"Is your house decorated for comfort or for show?"
Comfort...but I would like a little more show - some of these rooms are a little too well worn! The lab mix puppy is a little bit to blame with the chewing of anything she can get her teeth into - including baseboards and a nice little hole in the wall!

Then the sons, Tween and Youngest, share some blame since they like to play ball inside the house despite being told a thousand times to take the balls outside. And when I finally demand they stop throwing balls, they roll up socks and throw those. "Sock balls" I call 'em and they drive me crazy. They are everywhere - on top of the china hutch, under the tables, and in the corners.

Hubby, Ex-Marine, is a little to blame - he likes sports memorabilia - he calls them collectibles and I call them junk! He has Wheaties boxes from twenty years ago - with the Wheaties still inside. Or whatever you would call what used to be Wheaties twenty years ago - toxic dust? Not to mention his GI Joe collection - dust collectors every one!

Teenage daughter, Bookworm, shares a little blame with her cat and clothes and books. And of course my books, crafts, and junk contribute as well. So we are a bit too comfortable and I am ready for some show in my life!

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