Friday, September 25, 2009

Memory in Deathby J.D. Robb

The author's website has an excerpt to read but this blurb is from Amazon: Eve Dallas is one tough cop. She's got no problem dealing with a holiday reveler in a red suit who plunges thirty-seven stories and gives new meaning to the term "sidewalk Santa." But when she gets back to the station and Trudy Lombard shows up, it's all Eve can do to hold it together. Instantly, she's thrown back into the past, to the days when she was a vulnerable, traumatized girl-trapped in foster care with the twisted woman who now sits in front of her, smiling.

I have a habit of picking up a book and not knowing it was one of a series - this is one of those. It's actually somewhere around number 25 in a very long series - wow! This was your basic crime/detective series books with the unique twist of being set in the future around 2050 or so. That twist was enough to give it a little different feel without being overwhelming - JD Robb's version of New York city forty years from now isn't too much of a stretch for my imagination.

I picked out the murderer right away but it was still entertaining to hear the tale unfold. The main character Eve Dallas is so much of tough cop that she borders on a caricature. Perhaps if I had read the twenty four preceding books, I'd have a better opinion of her - I got the impression she's had a hard life. Like so many of the audiobooks I pick up used that are part of a series, it's not something I'm going to seek out but it wiles away the time in the car for me so if I happen across another, I'll listen to it too.

J.D. Robb is a pen name for Nora Roberts. She has her JD Robb website that I linked above but she also has a Nora Roberts website. This lady is a work horse - she has written too many books to count- most are romance, not my cup of tea, but the amount she is putting out there is amazing.

I've finished up the audio book challenge but I'm adding the extras as I finish them.

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