Monday, September 14, 2009

BBAW - Miss Congeniality

Our BBAW posts today are to highlight a blog that we love that didn't get shortlisted - kind of the "Miss Congeniality" post. This was an easy pick for me...the literate housewife. The literate housewife is Jennifer, mother, wife, worker, and bibliophile. She's a busy gal but she maintains a wonderful blog complete with the cutest design and logo! Check out her button.

Jennifer consistently provides great reviews. She's been hosting all sorts of great giveaways and has an especially good series of giveaways planned this week. (That's actually a quite punny description but you won't know why until you click!)

This summer Jennifer hosted the Dog Days of Summer, a whole week of dog-themed fun.

In her spare time (ha,ha)...Jennifer leads the Facebook Historical Fiction book club. She has made some great picks: Loving Frank, Soul Catcher, and The Last Queen were some of my personal favorites. The club has grown steadily under her leadership; I think every time I click over to the group page it is another member stronger.

I think what really sums up Jennifer was the grace she used to express her moment of sadness at not being shortlisted but her continued total support of the celebration that is BBAW - great style!


bermudaonion said...

I love Jennifer's blog, too and I've been lucky enough to meet her in real life. She's exactly how you expect her to be.

Dawn @ sheIsTooFondOfBooks said...

Jennifer is a talented crafter, too. Have you seen pictures of the bookmarks (and other hand-stamped items) she makes!?

Also, the video (Liberty Mutual's Ah-ha moments) ... talk about grace and class!