Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Last Odd Day by Lynne Hinton

From Goodreads: From the bestselling author of Friendship Cake comes a remarkable story of love, loss, infidelity, and forgiveness

I've read a few of Lynne Hinton's books that are part of the Friendship Cake series and they've been okay. They are slow paced small town kind of stories. They've tackled some heavier topics - cancer, infidelity - but never felt heavy. This one, however, ugh, it was on the depressing side. The light hearted hopeful moments were few and far between instead we had angst and apathy and decline and death. One little blurb toward the end hit too close to home for comfort...

"What is strange, what has been strange, is that with everything that has happened to me, the deaths, the loneliness, the hard choices, all of it, the oddest thing of it all is that I thought I could lock it away, put it out of reach, protect myself, and never deal with any of it. And that somehow as long as I didn't share it with anyone else, it would be forever harmless to me and everyone around me."

Just went to the eye doctor Friday and he found a blister on my retina, inside of the eye ball on the back of it. He was puzzled because they are usually caused by stress and I appear so at ease. I guess that is a sign that my compartments of emotions are overly full! At this point we do nothing and check it again in two weeks to see if it is shrinking or growing. Keep your fingers crossed for shrinking!

This works for these challenges..

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bermudaonion said...

That was a powerful passage.

Sorry to hear about your eye. Everything related to the eye is so scary in my opinion. I hope you get good news when you go back.