Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Ex-Boyfriend's Handbook by Matt Dunn

From Goodreads:"It's not me-it's you."
When Edward Middleton hears those words from Jane, his girlfriend of ten years, he knows he's in serious trouble. Determined to get her back, Edward realizes he must learn how to make women want him again. But one thing is certain: if he's to be Jane's Mr. Right, he needs to turn himself around. From Atkins to waxing, Edward works his way through the makeover alphabet. But can he rise from the ranks of discarded exes, or will his journey take him in another direction entirely? With over 100,000 copies sold in the UK, this is a hilarious look at relationships from a man's point of view.

Chick lit from the boy's side. This was great fun. The same story written from a girl's point of view would not have been nearly as interesting. We see girls jumping through these hoops to get the guy all the time - dull, but the guy doing it, well that is something different! There really is not anything deep or meaningful to be said about this one but it was loads of fun!

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bermudaonion said...

When I was dating it seemed that it was the boy who jumped through hoops to get the girl, so I bet I would really enjoy this book!

Anonymous said...

I think this would be a fun read because of the perspective!

Shelley said...

You gotta love that cover!