Monday, March 1, 2010

Monthly Update February 2010

Here's my progress on all things challenges for the month of February. If one catches your fancy and you want to know more, click on the button to see the post.

I have six of twenty completed for this challenge. I love audiobooks!

I'm at 9 of 26 on this one - well on my way to completion!

Another month has gone by and I did NOTHING, nada, zero, zilch....hanging head in shame. I think my stumbling block has been assuming that my daughter Bookworm would own the books and then when she didn't, I didn't want to buy them but I am library impaired so I just haven't gotten them in my hands yet. I saw a wrap-up post and thought I was out of time but I was wrong! There are still two months left - hooray!

I'm stuck at two for this one except that maybe Cleaving would qualify. She certainly liberates herself from the conventions of marriage. I'll have to poke around the Women Unbound site and see.

I got myself signed up for this one and have read three books that qualify, two I have already posted and then The French Mistress which I still need to write up.

I still have challenges I am hoping to sign up for...the People of Color challenge, the Memoir one, the Rainbow one, and before you know it, it will be time for the Spring Reading Thing.

I managed to post to a few memes this month. I got up a post for "Weekend Cooking" and for "What's On Your Nightstand", one for "Mailbox Monday" and another for the "Book List" meme. In a perfect world those would be links but I am typing fast since I am already a day late!!!

Finally, the giveaway, I hosted a giveaway for the Catholic edition of Chicken Soup for the Soul. It worked out quite nicely as I had just a few copies to giveaway and just a few folks who wanted one - so Mary, Beth, and Wanda, you all get one!


Julie P. said...

Hey! Good news for you -- you still have two more months for the Shelf Discovery Challenge. I just posted that wrap up post because someone requested it!

Just Mom said...

Julie - That is good news! I am off to edit my post!