Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cancer update #3

For those who may be wondering how my dad is doing. He has been handling the chemotherapy very well. In fact, there is this piece of me (and one of my brothers voiced this as well) that wonders, if it is not affecting him like we expected - he's not nauseous, he's kept most of his hair, he has a good appetite, etc, is it working? Well, we still don't know that for sure. But because he is doing so well, because he is as his doctor describes "robust", he gets to do more. They are adding at least one more, maybe up to three more, doses of chemo. He has a scan scheduled after the next one so we will get an idea if it is working.

My mother was very specific with me that the doctor said this is not a cure. The stage four cancer will not be cured; this is giving him some extra time. Now the ball is in my court to make good use of that time. I must find time to go visit. It's difficult with work and three kids active in sports and such but I am going to make it happen. Dad isn't going through chemo so he can do more yard work or watch more TV. He is going through chemo to give his family the gift of more time and I need to take advantage of that gift.

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bermudaonion said...

You are so smart to make it happen - you will never regret it.