Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Whole Truth by David Baldacci

From the author's website: A rising threat has startled the world. Armies are preparing to fight. And as nations slip ever closer to open conflict, the struggle to reveal the truth might be the most dangerous battle of all...

“Dick, I need a war.”

Nicolas Creel is a man on a mission. He heads up the world's largest defense contractor, The Ares Corporation. Dick Pender is the man Creel retains to “perception manage” his company to even more riches by manipulating international conflicts. But Creel may have an even grander plan in mind.

The narrator for this audio book, Ron McLarty, is excellent. He makes each character come alive with such ease transitioning from one to the next that you are really able to get lost in the story. There's not much to say about a David Baldacci story - they are well done and there are a lot of them out there. The man must work like a machine to crank these out! This one was not as good as The First Family but that was because it wasn't as developed and intricate - this was only five CD's compared to 12 for The First Family. I've yet to read a Baldacci but I am enjoying listening to them.

I've finished up the audio book challenge but I'm adding the extras as I finish them.

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