Saturday, August 22, 2009

Got the Look by James Grippando

From the author's website: Miami lawyer Jack Swyteck has a new girlfriend, Mia, and life is good—until Mia goes missing. Then Jack gets a one-two punch. Mia is married to one of Florida's richest men. And she is the victim of a kidnapper with a chilling ransom demand: “Pay me what she's worth.” It turns out that Jack is up against a serial kidnapper who is being tracked by FBI agent Andie Henning (Under Cover of Darkness)—a woman who both infuriates and fascinates Jack. If the kidnapper's track record is any indicator, the consequences of paying too little are positively deadly.

Again, I'm popping into a series in the middle of it but it was not a problem. The story here was good and certainly stood alone without having to read the series from the start. I liked the main character, a lawyer named Jack who has a nice sense of humor and is smart, but isn't super-hero unbelievable. He has the somewhat annoying sidekick that seems to pop up in these crime books - the guy with money and connections that can solve the problem. I think if the author starts digging some problem hole, he needs to come up with a better solution to get out of it than a friend with everything - a little pet peeve of mine. Got the Look was your basic crime/detective/thriller - nothing outstanding that made the book extra special but an interesting, fast paced story that wiled away my drive time easily enough. But I didn't sit in the parking lot unwilling to turn the car off because it was so engrossing - I was able to walk away.

I've finished up the audio book challenge but I'm adding the extras as I finish them.

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