Friday, March 20, 2009

Kitchen Privileges by Mary Higgins Clark

Product description from Amazon: In her long-awaited memoir, Mary Higgins Clark, America's beloved and bestselling Queen of Suspense, recounts the early experiences that shaped her as a person and influenced her as a writer.

**17 JUL 2009 - somehow I skipped over blogging about this book, I finished reading it Mar 20, 2009, and just now noticed it's absence from my Reading A-Z Challenge! So I am editing the post date!

Mary Higgins Clark has truly had an interesting life - Catholic school upbringing, secretarial school, then a stewardess, and on to the wedding. She describes it all in this memoir with love and humor. Clark leaves a little mystery with her two line summary of a marriage that lasted just a few years and was a mistake. Surely there is a story there?

I enjoyed this look at one of my favorite authors. I like her even more for reading it and it makes me more aware of the value of our family history. I think I ought to sit Great Granny down at her 90th birthday this Fall and have her tell all the stories from start to finish.

This book is my "K" for the A-Z Reading Challenge! Click on the logo to see my progress.

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